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Version history

 New in version 1.20

Option to select and remove duplicated files several times after search is done. After you delete some files the duplicate list will be updated with deleted duplicates removed from it. You can then continue selecting remaining
Features to select all duplicated files located in certain folder or volume. This way you will not have to go through tedious process of carefully reviewing manually selecting every single duplicate file on the list
DupeTrasher will now log statistics such as number of searches, files found, duplicates removed and others

 New in version 1.10

Several optimizations for the search by contents option
Graphical user interface improvements
Added drag & drop support
Moving duplicate files into other folder bug, that caused DupeTrasher to crash on XP SP2, has been fixed
Fixed couple of bugs that could crash the program
Support for running DupeTrasher on non administrative accounts

 Version 1.00

Initial version

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